We want to facilitate the best growth environment for companies and individuals in esport, be a thought leader, open a vast community and envision a good esport future.

We therefore present a prospective opportunity to bridge the gap between world class professional players, established businesses, technical minds, and leading entrepreneurs by providing a HUB dedicated to the growth of esports.

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About us

Everyone who love esport should be able to experience it, be a part of it and enjoy it. Regardless of background, physical abilities, gender, skin color, language, PC/Mac, Android/iOS – even if you don’t have a computer, you should still be able to experience esport. For esport to really hit it big – we need all types of talents, carries and tanks, girls and boys, beginners and pros, EU and ASIA – everything and everyone!


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Location & Contact


Oxenstiernsgatan 15A
Floor 6
115 26 Stockholm

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